Roc-Key's Locksmith

Residing in and Serving Vernon, BC
and Surrounding Communities.

For my client's saftey and my own.
I am up to date with Covid 19 Vaccinations as of June 20th 2021
I have been Vaccinated with both the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines.
So far, so good...

Available 24 Hrs a Day - 7 Day's A Week
Health and Weather Permitting
As I am a "Cash and Carry" Small Business,
I request payment upon job completion.
Unless other payment arrangements
have  been agreed upon.

Accepted Payment: Cash, e-Transfer or Company Cheque
Please keep in mind, I am a "One Man Show".
I do my best to keep my appointments on time,
but Murphy's Law will generally apply most day's.
It's the nature of the beast...
Please keep in mind, Emergency Lock-Outs take Priority,
and I will be responding to them first...


A Deposit Payment In Advance for "Out of Area" calls
via e-Transfer is required, for my Service Call.
I will  wait for the deposit to clear,
before I leave the Vernon city limits.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this necessary change
to my billing practices may cause...


I am a 100% Mobile Locksmith Service,
I come to you...
I "Do Not" perform lock repair services at
my residence...


For your Information
Using a Land Line to call me
May incur Long Distance Charges,

So please use your Cell Phone to Call:

If I do not answer the phone after hours,
Please keep trying as some days are very long and
I go down pretty hard to sleep.
I don't always hear the phone the first time, so keep trying...


Hours of Operation:

My Standard Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday: 9 - 5.

All calls outside of these times and day's of the week, Including Provincial and Stat Holidays are subject to:
"After Hours" Rates...

In Addition:
All calls outside of the posted "Municipality of Vernon" are subject to: "Mileage and Traveling Time"...

Business Hours:
Mon: Open 24 hours
Tue: Open 24 hours
Wed: Open 24 hours
Thu: Open 24 hours
Fri: Open 24 hours
Sat: Open 24 hours
Sun: Open 24 hours

What I Do and Where I Do It...

Roc-Key's Locksmith is available to provide fast Residential, Commercial and Limited Automotive and Automotive Chipped Keying Services to all of Vernon, BC and Surrounding Communities, Health and Weather Permitting.

In most cases, we will arrive in less then 1 hour for local calls.
Arrival times may vary due to traffic, road conditions or distance to be traveled.

Roc-Key's Locksmith is Insured and Provincially Licensed.

BC Security Worker Lic# E75927

Payment for Services Rendered

Well, As I am a "Cash and Carry" Small Business,  I request payment upon job completion. Unless other payment arrangements have been agreed upon.

I accept payment in Cash, e-Transfer or Company Cheque.
Sorry NO Personal Cheques.

Please send e-Transfers to: [email protected]

I have auto deposit setup, so unless your bank insists on the security "Question and Answer" it's not necessary. if it does, we can figure that out when the time comes.
Roc-Key's Locksmith 

Refusal to pay for services rendered

Failure to pay the invoiced amount in a timely fashion will incur the sharing of a scanned copy of the offending "Unpaid Invoice" in my Photo Gallery Section below.

Damn, I really dislike this kind of thing but maybe I can save some other hard working Service Tech's some grief by informing them of my bad luck in trying to collect an honest wage and make a living...

I guess some folks don't understand how little a "Self Employed, Mobile Service Tech" actually takes home after Licencing, Insurance, Expenses and Taxes...

Well, they get 35 Days to pay in full or have the Invoice posted below in the Photo Gallery Section...


Due to safety concerns in the winter months, when the roads are iced up and very slippery, I am ONLY servicing the Downtown Vernon area.
When these poor road conditions exist, I will not be servicing:

The Upper Mission Hills area,
Silver Star,
Vista Villa,
Upper Turtle Mountain
The Rise or
Adventure Bay.

My services will return to these areas when the roads are well sanded and clear of packed snow and ice.

PS: I drive a 2 wheel drive van with studded rear tires, going up the hills, not so bad. Coming down the hills, a "Pucker Factor" of 10.5...
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Learn more about what we can do for you... 
Updated Nov 13/20

Chipped Key Programming Available

As of October 2020, I will be able to make keys for "Some" of the newer vehicles that require the "Programming of Chipped Keys"
into the vehicles computer before the vehicle will start.

At this time my "Chipped Key" stock is somewhat limited.
Chipped keys and programming is available
for some of the following:
GMC, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, vehicles.

I also have in stock, a few Import keys like:
Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda and Mitsubishi.

As I acquire more key stock for this type of application,
I will be able to service more of these newer vehicles in the near future and the coming new year.
Stay tuned for more updates...

Roc-Key' Locksmith

Automotive Key Types I Can and Cannot Cut...

gray padlock in chain

Have you been in any of these situations before?

My Blog, This is where I post General Topics and Rants...

Has this happened to you?
Should this happen to you I am able to get you inside.
Call me: (250) 870-0962.
24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


A few of My Customer's Reviews.

2 months ago
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
Alex was great! It was such a silly mistake to make, especially on a Sunday (out of hours rate), but Alex was very kind and found me quickly to help me get the keys out of my locked car after grocery shopping. He was professional, punctual, super friendly, and knows what he's doing!
Thanks again Alex.

Gemma Patterson Local Guide · 
17 Google reviews · 1 photo

4 months ago
Positive: Professionalism
Alex was great and very professional to deal with.
Highly recommend this company.

Shane Ess
3 Google reviews

11 months ago
I had a great experience with Alex!
Very reliable and quick to service.
Knowledgeable and friendly.
Highly recommend :)

Jaxon Taylor
2 Google reviews

1 year ago
Alex came to my home the day I called him and checked all my locks, repaired two of them and told me they were all in excellent working condition and that unless it was aesthetics, it wasn't necessary to replace them. He is a talented locksmith, timely and affordable. Recommended!

Hollister Baxter
4 Google reviews 

A year ago
Alex came out on a Saturday afternoon after I snapped a key office in the main door to our offices.... he was fast, efficient and affordable. Highly recommend him

Nik Roughton Local Guide · 
25 Google reviews · 17 photos

A year ago
We had an after hours emergency and Alex was there in 20 minutes. He was courteous and explained everything. Quick and efficient. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again. Thanks!

Corinna Vincent
1 Google review

A year ago
Came to my place at 12:30 AM when I got locked out. The lock on my door is a VERY secure lock of better quality that you would find on most houses, and they were able to get in! The locksmith was very friendly and engaging, and very understanding of my situation. I would definitely recommend Roc-Key's to anyone who needs an emergency locksmith, or any lock worked on.

Daniel Culos Local Guide · 
19 Google reviews · 1 photo

A year ago
Got back to me right away...
Eager and Willing to Help...
A "getter-done" kind of guy...
Reliable and Fair

Geoff Hoffman
6 Google reviews

A year ago Had an after hours issue and Alex was on site within 20 minutes and fixed the problem quickly.
High recommended.

Michele Tepper
1 Google review


A few photo memories.

A few pictures.

I do not work from my home,

I am a 100% Mobile Service.
Vernon, BC, V1T1M1, CA

About us

I am a 100% Mobile Locksmith Service,
I come to you...
I "Do Not" perform lock repair services at my residence...

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